• Multifaceted roof

    Multifaceted roof

    Roof installed overlapping edge bevel with different inclinations, garden privately Jūrkalnē gazebo, chapel Grobiņa, Sigulda. Material: lacerations aspen wood chips....


  • Gable roof with a weathered Valme

    Gable roof with a weathered Valme

    New roofing Tervete Museum “Sprīdīši” Plūdons Museum “Lejenieki” log home with constructions. Material: lacerations, antiseptētas aspen wood chips. Manufactured: 2001,...


  • Gable Roof

    Gable Roof

    Roofing with curvature and the construction of privately Jurkalne parish, Jūrmalciems, Skulte parish. Material: lacerations aspen wood chips Made in...


  • Shingle details

    Shingle details

    Shingle roof requires no special extra distance the roof edges, valleys, ridge. Roofing visually looks good on the inside and...


  • Four-sided, or Valme roof

    Four-sided, or Valme roof

    Roofing plastically clings to the roof edges. Crew building Ziemupe parking, horse stables Sarnate, sauna Bernāti. Material: lacerations, antiseptētas aspen...


  • Interior Rucavas Lutheran. church

    Interior Rucavas Lutheran. church

    Opens altar retable with carvings. Material: tinted, lacquered birch and oak wood. Made: 1993...


  • Interior Pāvilostas sv. Spirit Cathedral

    Interior Pāvilostas sv. Spirit Cathedral

    Confession chair, speech control, chairs, altar table, benches. Material: tinted, lacquered ash and oak tree. Made: 2000...


  • Interior Nice Lutheran. church

    Interior Nice Lutheran. church

    Altarpiece carvings columns, altar retable, speech pulpit, benches, crucifix. Material: painted pine tree. Made: 1994...


  • Interior Liepaja sv. Joseph’s Cathedral

    Interior Liepaja sv. Joseph’s Cath

    Altar table, speech control, turned pedestals. Material: tinted, lacquered oak. Made: 1992...


  • Interior Liepaja sv. Anna church

    Interior Liepaja sv. Anna church

    Small altar retable with fence Material: tinted, lacquered oak. Made: 1995...


  • Straddle building – private Pāvilostā

    Straddle building – private Pāvilo

    Summer House – privately owned Pavilosta Material: Natural and painted softwood Roofing: tinplate Made: 2004...


  • Straddle building construction

    Straddle building construction

    Material: painted softwood. Roofing: lacerations aspen wood chips. Made: 2000, 2002, 2010....